5 days and counting

until my first fill.  I am SO ready.

In all the pre-op counseling, NOT ONE Person mentioned that after surgery it would be an epic battle until you hit the ‘sweet spot’ of having the magic amount of fluid in the band.  I really thought that everything would be hunky dory after surgery and I would go on my merry little way losing weight to the left and right .

Not so.


I promised to tell it all in this blog and I hope that this post doesn’t discourage anyone from doing what is right for their body.  But at this point I find myself *almost* regretting not doing one of the other surgeries.  Simply because of the fact that there is no “waiting” period with them for the weight to slide off.   There is no tinkering around with a tool to make it work.


As I’ve told you all before, I am NOT a patient person, and this waiting for a fill has been difficult for me to accept.   I understand that there are probably very good reasons why my surgeon does not give a fill for so long, but when I read on internet BB’s and blogs that other folks got fluid from the get go……  Well it pisses me off!  Things are NOT going according to my master plan at this point.  Sometimes the thought of just giving up pops into my head, but I quickly squash that before it takes root and infests my thoughts.   I can not turn back now, I’ve come too far and it would truly be a shame to give up when I’m (hopefully) on the very edge of the downhill (down weight?) slide.

So keep me in your thoughts these next few days and hope with me that the first fill will go good and will WORK.  That’s all I ask, is to see SOME difference in the scale.

I am doing everything right.  I am walking almost every day, I am eating decent, and I am finally drinking close to the recommended amount.    A little reward for my diligence is all I ask. 🙂


Happy Thursday!


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7 thoughts on “5 days and counting

  1. Traci

    Hang In there, my bariatric sister. I know that it can be really disheartening and frustrating for banders to watch those who had the “faster” surgeries lose, but that’s the nature of the band. It takes the weight loss slow and steady, which is probably healthier in the long run. I chose gastric bypass, though, because I want to have a child and I’m 38, so time is a factor for me. Plus, I was really really heavy. Plus, I’m admittedly impatient, much like you, and knew that the band wouldn’t be the right tool for me. Remember that it is just that – a tool. No matter the surgery, we all have to do the same work in the long run, so you’re setting the stage for your long-term success by adopting new habits for your new life! For you, your tool just hasn’t started to function yet. Soon! Soon!! So excited to hear about your first fill! Hang in there. Am thinking of you and wishing you patience, peace, and success!

  2. I very much appreciate your honesty and insight. It is one reason why I subscribe to your blog. Sounds like you are doing it right and those numbers on the scale will begin to fall – I’m certain of it. I am just beginning the process to have bariatric surgery hopefully 3 months from now, after I finish my nutrition counseling. I too am impatient and would like the weight to come off as soon as yesterday. In saying that, I decided to have the gastric sleeve, especially since I have quite a lot of weight to lose. I feel its a happy medium between the band and the bypass. Can’t wait to read an update about your first fill and how it changes things for you. Postive thoughts coming your way.

  3. The Fats Of Life

    You’ve got to keep thinking positive! And just think of your surgeon as being extra-cautious so you will achieve optimum results without any complications. Here’s my tough love: We didn’t put the weight on overnight so it ain’t gonna leave us that quickly…or easily. But you are on your way. Don’t get discouraged!

  4. Kay Coyoteco

    It seems that the timing of the fill has been planned to ensure longterm success. I know how disappointing it is to not get immediate results, especially when this delay was not disclosed up front. Still, it’ very logical that you have given your body this time to recover from the shock of the surgery and be in a better place for the change that are about to occur. When you get the fill, I’m confident that you’ll get the results that you want and that they will be long term and healthy. I didn’t know about this “fill” method of this type of surgery. I think it’s a good idea, actually – the way it work. I’m sure you really investigated the various types. Be confident in your choice and look forward to healthy weight loss and a thinner Spring.

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