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A few more gone

The funniest thing….   I know that I have lost weight,   BUT I didn’t realize just how much I have lost.     Before surgery size 18-20 was getting tight.  Hell, who am I kidding?  Before surgery I was close to popping some of my clothes,  and lately everything seems to have gotten REALLY big on me…..   but I’m too cheap thrifty to buy more clothes.   I Was OH SO SURPRISED last week when I went clothes shopping.   I checked out Cato’s selection of dressy type fall things, and picked several size 16 and XL’s to try on.   Ummmm – NO.  They were too big.  I ended up with size 14’s fitting a little loose on bottom, a couple of large size tops and 1 XL that is made to be more fitted.    Seems that the girls aren’t going anywhere fast (dang it!), but the rest of me seems to be shrinking.

As far as how the band is going, I have had good days and bad days.  I have discovered that mornings are NOT good for eating.  Warm liquids are best (coffee with flavored cream please!),  a protein shake – either Atkins or Ensure,  followed by nuts around 10 am ( love Wasabi Almonds and Dill Pickle sunflower seeds – don’t knock them till you try them!).  Lunch is usually some  fruit or tuna or egg salad – depends on how my tummy feels and how hungry I am.  Afternoon snack of more nuts or jerky.  By about 5 or 6 I’m ready to eat in the more traditional sense.  I try to get a lot of protein in during the evening.  The band seems looser in the later hours of the day – not sure why that is, I’m sure there is a medical explanation.

Anyway, that’s where I am right now.  For the past week or so I’m dropping an average of 3/4 to 1.5 pound a day.  I’ll take it!



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The Verdict….

Not slipped and as far as they can tell from the barium swallow, no leakage.

The barium wasn’t fun, but it was not too bad either.  Just stood there in front of an xray machine drinking chalky stuff mixed with some fruity liquid while the Xray Dr watched.  No biggie.

He said he could see the band and it is in place.  He also said the fluid was going through much faster than he expected it to go with the band in place.  SO – over to Dr Schmitt office to find out the final verdict.

They did an ultrasound and said everything looked good there.  Then the nurse practitioner came in and drew out all the fluid.  I couldn’t see the syringe to tell exactly how much fluid measured, but she said it had 8cc.  I was supposed to have 8.5cc.  She made the comment that IF the band was leaking, they would expect to see very little to no fluid in the band.  She said it is possible that some ‘may’ have evaporated.  (I don’t know if I buy that or not).  She put in all new fluid, and I did see the measurement on it 9.5cc.  She was very worried that it would now be too tight.  I am to be really careful this weekend and have only liquids for a day or two then soft stuff in teeny amounts.

On the way home I was thinking and wondering if maybe they had made a mistake in writing down how much they have given me over time.   But it still doesn’t explain why I had really good restriction after the last fill and then lately have felt almost none.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

Right now I’m sipping a protein shake and I can tell a good difference.  I am over 8 months into this and really thought that by now would be so much farther along.   I am hoping that it is right this time.  My plan for now is to really be careful with my protein and make sure I get the 60 gms that I need (I’ve been lax about that), and as soon as it cools down start back hitting the track in the evenings.


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The First Fill Experience

I was totally excited and not even a bit nervous.  After all, this was what I had been looking forward to since like last year – right?  The drive down seemed to take FOREVER because it was late afternoon and the schools had just let out.  Lots of Mamas and Daddies picking up their baybees.  LOL

I was not surprised at all to find out that I had gained weight, after all, I have been pretty much back to normal as far as how much I *could* eat.  Ugh.  241 lbs, hello again.  Hopefully for the last time I’ll EVER see that number on a scale again.  The nurses tried to console me by telling me it’s probably muscle as my body begins to reorganize.  Ok, I’ll half way believe that excuse, but even though I’ve been more active, I know it’s not true at all.

Anyhow, the fill was a very weird experience.  The nurse didn’t ask if I wanted to be numbed – which I would have refused anyhow, but I thought that strange.  She brought out a giant q-tip thing with Iodine and sterilized my belly all the while talking about her cat.  Kept my attention focused on the conversation you see.  Brought out this BIG LONG needle and popped it right in.  Yes there was a big sting feeling, but it was over rather quickly.  She injected what looked like about 4 or 5 cc of fluid.  Boy did that feel STRANGE.  I have never felt anything to compare it to, so I don’t really know how to explain how it felt.   There was no pain at all, just this weird feeling of fluid moving in strange places.  She then asked me to sit up while the needle was still stuck in the port.  She handed me a cup of water and asked me to drink it as fast as possible.  I was able to swallow about 4 times before the water started backing up.  She said she had put in a little more than she thought I needed and drew out a little of what she had injected.  Immediately, I got relief and we were done.  I got a bandaid over the little stick and was on my way.   Just like that.

I go back in 30 days for a check up and for possibly more fluid.   I do feel some restriction now.  I had a strawberry protein shake for dinner last night and it took me about 30 minutes to get it down, so I think that for right now I’m in a good place.  I also tried to eat a small pretzel (chewed very thoroughly) and it finally went down after a little bit.  Even though I was full and didn’t feel hungry last night, my head kept telling me that I needed a snack.   Head Hunger is something I am going to have to deal with – any suggestions on that would be appreciated!

The restriction feels like more than I had post surgery, so I’m pretty happy right now.  My plan for today is to drink liquids/protein shakes, and maybe have some soup for dinner.   Going to really restrict the carbs for a few days and see if I can get this thing turned around and back on track.


Happy Tuesday

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Christmas has come and gone.  Am I the only person in the world who always feels like it was anti-climatic?  Like all the hoopla was for nothing?

Anyway, nothing new to report on the weight front.  Gained back 5 lbs but have dropped 2 of those.

I am starting to feel like an unhappy human yo-yo….


The only truly good news is that in 10 days I’ll get my first fill, and then HOPEFULLY the tide will turn so to speak.  I have been lax about exercising, so I do need to get my butt back into the groove.   This week I’m off work and have been pretty much just laying around and have been sleeping like nobody’s business.  Slept 12 hours one night!!!

Briefly considered a gym membership – but honestly I can’t see ME going to bounce around sweating in front of other folks.

I did get a new pair of shoes that will hopefully help with my plantar fascitis and that in turn will let me walk more.  I get so tired of hobbling around like an old old woman when I first get up.




Cool looking, Eh?   Haven’t tried them out yet.  The plan is to put them in the truck and after work every day go to the track and walk a few miles.    They are very cushioned and highly rated, can’t wait to try them out!


I did ride on Wednesday – took John the Mule out for a spin.  Had forgotten just how much fun he is to ride.  After about 3.5 hours, Casey had enough and asked to go back to the house.   And to be honest, I don’t know if it would have been wise for me to ride much longer all things considered.  I wasn’t sore, but was beginning to feel it.  I had planned to take a ride today, but it is raining out right now.  So maybe this afternoon if it clears off I’ll get back in the saddle.



Planning to meet my friend Carolyn at Murphy Hill for a ride Saturday.  Can’t wait.

Happy Friday


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I’m feeling down today

Really been dwelling on the weight gain.  This is not good, I know.  I wrote to Veronica down at Dr Schmitt’s office yesterday and she sent some suggestions to keep myself positive until my first fill.  Here is one : Write down why you had surgery the good you want from loosing weight.

  • 1.  I want normal blood pressure without drugs
  • 2.  I want to be able to walk without being out of breath
  • 3.  I want to be rid of the foot pain
  • 4.  I want to be healthy
  • 5.  I want to run again
  • 6.  I want to look myself in the eye in the mirror
  • 7.  I want to be happy with my body
  • 8.  I want to tie my shoes without grabbing my foot and hauling it into my lap.
  • 9.   I want to not have to freeze everyone who comes into my home
  • 10.  I want to wear fitting clothes without looking like a muffin top


I guess I could populate a couple of pages with reasons, but I would say those are probably the top 10.

Had a protein shake for breakfast.  Think I’ll go back on mostly liquids for a few days until I get this scale under control again.

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I had a really hard time doing this post.  I wanted to hide behind my pillow like a child because I am ashamed of myself.  Guess it’s that ‘good girl’ syndrome that makes me not want to share my mistakes with others.   BUT I promised brutal honesty with this blog and as much as it pains me to put this out there…..  here goes:

Been eating more ‘regular’ food since Friday night and managed to gain back 3 lbs. Yes – I GAINED BACK 3 lbs…..

You can imagine the type and magnitude of foul words that came out of my mouth this morning when I got on the scale, off the scale, on the scale, off the scale, and back on again. I can see now that I will have to fight for every single pound that I lose. Remember I said a few posts back that the weight gain would slow down eventually? Looks like somebody threw it up into reverse while I was merrily driving along down that 4 lane weight loss freeway and yanked the transmission out. I don’t think Brad and the guys at the shop can fix this problem for me.


Ok, so let’s think about this and see if I can figure out what happened…
Friday night : Beef stew and cornbread
Saturday AM : strawberry protein shake
Saturday lunch : small cheeseburger and maybe 10 fries
Saturday night : small amount of meatloaf – probably 3 oz, a couple tablespoons of deviled egg filling, 1/4 cup mac and cheese
Sunday morning : 1 scrambled egg and 3 Tbsp grits, little bit of gravy – like less than a TBSP, 1 slice bacon
Sunday afternoon : banana sandwich – 1 small banana, 1 T mayo, 2 slices bread
Sunday night : about 2 oz steak, small baked potato, about 1/4 cup salad greens

And I managed to gain back by eating that. I am totally disgustedly MAD at myself. Bang my head against a brick wall MAD.

I am going to start recording EVERY single thing that goes in and keep up with it. I’m thinking I can do a post here every day – start the draft in the morning and then publish at the end of the day. Just a food record post for every 24 hours. That way if y’all want to read it, fine, if not, then skip it over and read whatever you like.

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Today I shall….

Drink at least 64 oz of liquids, even if it kills me.

Get my protein in.


That is all.


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Morning Weigh In


Haven’t been on the scales in a few days so I decided to weigh in this morning…..

Down 2 more pounds – brings it to 16 total in 16 days.   Wow huh?  At this rate (and I KNOW that this rate will not continue but a girl can dream, right??) I will be at goal weight by mid March.   Yeah right, lol.   Seriously though, I have been thinking about goals and I probably need to set some, especially since I’m now slowly introducing ‘soft mushy’ food into my meal plan.  Right now I think I just want to get another 15 lbs off during December.  That will put me below 220, a place I haven’t been in 3 years.  So that’s number 1 goal right now.  Shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish I think.   If I pass that goal, then I’ll set a new goal.  I would REALLY love to be below 200 by the end of January.  Again, I don’t think it’s impossible.  It may or may not happen, we will see.

I also need to measure my food and see exactly what I am eating.  I am pretty sure that I’m not getting enough protein, and that’s the reason I have a total lack of energy right now.  Had to drag myself out of bed this morning.  Bebo (my cat) finally got me to get up and let him out after Maowing and making biscuits all over my tummy to wake me up.

And probably most of all, I have to start forcing myself to take in more WATER……   ugh…..

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Not feeling so great today.   This dreary weather makes me just want to stay home in my comfy bed all snug under the quilts and snooze all day.  But, I have fur kids to feed, so here I am dragging myself through another day of aircraft problems.

I am starting to notice the weight loss in my hands and feet.  I suppose that sounds really strange, but they are both not as bloated as before and looking sort of wrinkly.   I guess that means if it starts in the extremities and radiates inward, my butt and gut will be the last beneficiaries of any weight lost.  Oh joy.  I’ll look like marshmallow with tooth pick arms and legs before long.

Something else that I thought of last night that I don’t think I’ve told you about is the morning tightness.  Upon arising in the morning, it feels like there is a LOT of restriction and it can be difficult to swallow anything.  This is a problem because I still have 3 meds and a bariatric vitamin I have to take early in the day.   I have discovered (thanks Aunt Brenda) that if I drink something warm it helps relax the muscles and tissue and get stuff flowing properly.  My ‘warm up’ of choice right now is chicken bullion simply for the fact that I can heat a cup of water in a go cup, drop the cube in and then drink it when I’m about half way to work.  Hot tea or coffee would probably work too, but at the moment, I’ll stick with what is working.

Didn’t try the grits this morning or even get a protein shake in yet.  Like I said above, not feeling really good.  I had a lot of pain again last night, evidently somewhere along the way yesterday I stretched something that wasn’t quite ready to stretch yet.  I took some of the last of the Lortab liquid and slept deeply, and was almost late for work.

Jim and I took a walk at lunch and I think it did me some good to be out in fresh air and sunshine.  (Obviously I started this blog early this morning and haven’t published as of yet)  We probably walked 1/4 of a mile total, down to see the horses and back.  It was nice and the pain is pretty much gone.

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I have found my challenge….

Monday was my first day alone out in public and was the first day that I actually drove myself around.  It was a challenge to me.  Not the driving (although it did bring along a set of problems with stretching to see beside and behind my truck – kind of got the still tender spots all riled up again), but seeing the fast food places.  Before yesterday (and it was reinforced this evening driving to and from Birmingham), I never knew just how much of a fast food junkie that I really am.  I can’t explain to you just HOW bad I wanted to pull into BK and order a Cheese Whopper with extra mayo.  Or McD’s and get a Fish Sandwich with extra tartar sauce.   This shall be my challenge, my Achilles heel if you will.    Driving has somehow become synonymous with eating a bag full of fatty food and slurping down a jumbo Coke. Just a snack of fries and a shake, after all why else would they put two cup holders in my truck?  One for the drink and one for the fries.   I even briefly considered getting the food and chewing but not swallowing, spitting each bite back into the bag. Both PATHETIC and Gross- huh??…    So I must come up with a plan.  I understand that in my day to day life EVENTUALLY I will encounter times when I simply must eat fast food, and that is ok, after all everybody has a kids meal or grilled chicken these days.  But for the time being, I’m going to avoid it like the plague.  I was determined to break the Coke and sugar habits and now I am not even tempted although there is a brand new 2 liter on my kitchen counter.   I shall slay the burger and fries demon too!    I know that it’s entirely mental.  Maybe a part of my psyche relates fast food with something deep down that I think I need.  Any Freud’s out there that care to detangle the mystery?


Suggestions and feedback to help with this would be greatly appreciated.  I think I’ll get maybe a couple of the Campbell’s soup at hand things to keep in the truck for now, and I have some of the canned protein shakes, but to be quite honest – they taste foul to me at this point.  I can’t think of anything else that I know I can have right now that would be safe to leave in the vehicle, and easy to consume while rolling down the road.  Don’t want candy, and I can’t have crackers or hard stuff yet.


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